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Our Customers are wonderful


Santa Rossa
I'm happy to share my experience with Horseguard fencing for those of you who may have doubts about this somewhat unconventional product. I have had horses my entire life and so have seen all types of fence and all kinds of problems. I can say that since fencing my 10 acre Trakehner farm with this fence I have not had a single negative incident.
I have a rowdy crew of six - from 8mo to 29yrs - but they are never in trouble with the fence. In a three row style, the brown tape blends quite attractively with the wooden part of the fencing.
My neighbors said the deer would tear the fence down - not so!! The product was so easy to install that I did it mostly alone and in two days time. Running a farm involves lots of worries but the fence is never on for me. Order Horseguard, spend less, sleep better!!


I already have your fence and I am very happy with it.
I just need parts to make an addition . I really love your system. Corinne H.

I've been extremely happy with my Horseguard fencing. It was simple to install, inexpensive, and the horses really respect it. I am planning to convert another area to it now,
where I keep my 3-year old stallion! And it looks good, too. All of my freinds have commented on what a great idea it is, and how neat it is.


We have had your fencing up for 2 years now and are very pleased with it. You have excellent products and we tell everyone who asks about it your company name. If you could slip a couple extra fencing manuals in with the order, I d really appreciate it we will send a few more customers your way. Thanks so much. Lisa L
I'm adding some temporary cross fencing to my existing fence.
The fence has done very well and was really easy to set up, thanks. Suzanne P. R.
Forest Ranch
This is an incredible product!!!
I can t thank you enough for creating it and making it available to horse owners at such great prices . Ingrid S
North Fork
Will you please send green tape instead of brown for the round pen kit? Then it will match the rest of my fencing. Thanks so much.
I love my horse guard fence.It is so easy to install! The brown TPost covers and the green tape look so natural on our mountain ranch that from a distance, the fence blends into the scenery and all we see is the horses. Yet the animals seem to readily see the fence. Thanks for a really great product! Cheryl F
Orange Cove
I found you by chance on an Internet search regarding testimonials. Yours are really great; I know I will be satisfied. Can you please send a manual with my order? Cindy R.
Red Bluff
Comments: Please ship ASAP.
We have used 5 rolls of HGF 1.5" tape and absolutely love it. It s beautiful, the best tape on the market and we have looked at them all. Thanks. Look forward to receiving my order and will be ordering more to finish the job! Charles .C. M
Santa Barbara
Hi we recently purchased your product and I was amazed at how well it works. Our horses will not go closer than four feet to the fence. I have used electric fencing for years as a supplement to a solid fence, but this is the first electric fence that I feel comfortable using on its own. Anyways my question is have you done any tests to determine how well it works with goats. I am very interested to know if it will work. The last time we put goats in a fence, which had an electric tape on it, the damn goats were chewing on the electric tape. They must have thought it was a spicy plant. Jake S
I have already used your fabulous product. Last year I became friend with a person that I bred one of my mares to her stallion. She had your product up and running and when I asked her about it she just raved about the use - so I asked her for the site in order to make my own purchase, and did so. In fact I will be ordering more this year to complete the projects that I have started. Again, this is a great product and I have demonstrated it to a number of people that also have purchased your product. Cathy O'C.
I am almost finished enclosing my arena with your fence and have received a number of compliments on how great it looks. It has brown T post covers and will have 4 strands of wide brown tape. I keep it on during the day to keep the animals out, and turn it off when I ride. And it was very economical! Barbara W
I have Horse Guard on my round ring and it is the best, I have unsed other hot tape and they don't even stand up to Horse Guard.
by Harriet M.


Hello, I just purchased a couple acres worth of horse guard tape fencing a few months ago and would like to say that I am very impressed. It is safe, attractive and affordable. I am normally somewhat skeptical and would never purchase something sight unseen, over the Internet, but I had a good feeling about it. My expectations were exceeded with the quality of the product and the ease of putting it up. Thank you for being a reliable company with a great product, that is hard to find these days. Jessica A
Started using you product last year and love it! On 40 acres it is the only fence the dear and elk don't destroy. You have a great product. Richard W.


Stafford Springs
Thank you so much! I really didn't relish the thought of digging again.
Sooo many posts you know.... I've been handing out the lit that was with the order. I can attest to how easy it all goes up (once you get past the digging-my yard is a gravel bank with a little top soil to fool you Used trees as much as I could.
Everything is coming together finally and it is going to be awesome. Cheryl O


We have been so happy with the Horseguard fence previously purchased that we have decided to get two more rolls. I know it isn't a huge order but we refer everyone to your site. We just love the fencing. I have never used any sort of electric fencing for fear the horses wouldn't see it but your fencing is highly visible and we haven't had any problems with the rescue horses seeing it. Thank you so much for providing a great product! Debbie G


Vero Beach
Have been using the system for over a year and it is great! John E.
Santa Rosa Beach
I am a return customer, I made my first purchase on line about 2 years ago and have been very pleased with the Horseguard fencing. I would recommend this fencing to anyone because of the durability, easy installation and very low maintenance of the Horseguard fencing products. Todd B


I was so impressed with what I recently ordered that I decided to purchase more! Nicole A
Thanks a lot for the good job on supplying my fence. I put in 8 thousand feet of 6 strands fence. It keeps my Alpacas safe from coyotes and stray dogs. The order department also did a really good. When there was a manufacturing error on the insulators, they promptly supplied new insulators, and refunded the labor cost of replacing the bad ones. That is a warranty that no one can beat. Elwin B
and more in 2003 :
Subject: testimonial Hi Serge:
I am Elwin Bagley of Windy Hill Alpaca Farm.
I wrote a testimonial about three years ago, and now I feel that I should write another one. I have a total of 8 thousand feed of six strand brown horse guard fence.
The only trouble that I have had with it was when damaged the bottom strand with a weedeater. It still functioned o.k. but for cosmetic purposes, I spliced in a new piece.
My web site has pictures of the horse guard fence on various pages and speaks for itself as to the good quality of the horse guard tape. Thanks Elwin Bagley


A good friend called yesterday, and I told her about Horse Guard. Her primary concerns were difficulty of installation and whether the tape moves in the wind. Only on the very windiest days do we have any movement. Nor have I had any problems with snowdrifts stretching the tape. I also told her how easy it is to install. I warned her that I have had deer pull the tape out of shape; they climb right through. But, once I started leaving the fence charger on at night and zapped their little deer butts, they stopped climbing through my fence! Otherwise, we don't need to tighten the fence more than once a year. I have a close friend that has a competitor fence but we don't like it as well as my Horse Guard. Another of our friends is happy with her HorseGuard installed on covered T-posts. , the post covers are a good option for people on a strict budget. Truly, I am very satisfied with our HorseGuard fencing, so I'm happy to pass that information along. Sheri .P


We want to thank you for your wonderful product and prompt service. We have been using HorseGuard fencing for 2 years now and love it! John and Becky G R
The thing that helped me make my decision to use your product was the picture of the stallion with his neck sliced open on the thinner rope which is what I was previously considering. I also was impressed by the ability of your tape to withstand the wind better the most of the other tapes. Carol J. M


I have replaced all the fencing on my property with HorseGuard fencing and am very pleased. It looks good, is safe, and easy to install. Dennis K.


Add me to the list of satisfied customers . Thank you. Here is another order from me. Also a catalog request for my neighbor: I would love to have another catalog as I have given mine to yet another neighbor. Appreciate your products and great service experience. Patricia McC


Looking forward to using your fencing. It s exactly what I have been looking for in a tape system. Ruth H


My wife and I recently purchased Horseguard fencing material from you. We got the first paddock up and turned out our yearling. We had not turned on the electric because we were still working on connecting it up. The yearling (who ran through the wire fence) saw it immediately and stayed away. Later, we saw her leaning against the fence. We tightened it up and turned the electric fence on, she hasn't touched more than once since. Today, the fence paid for itself. Our newborn foal (4 days old) was out with her mother and mother stopped short of the fence, but the foal (filly) did not stop in time and ran into the fence (fence was on) and got tangled. We immediately turned the fence off and went and got her out of it. The fence stretched, but did not break. The filly had NO cuts on her, which would have surely been the case if it were wire. The baby was frightened and once the fence was off, calmed down and we had no trouble getting her out. Mother was doing fine. The fence did what you said it would do in your catalog.
We tightened the fence and turned it back on and mother did her best to keep baby from going near the fence again. The baby stayed away too.
We want to tell you that the fence did the job of teaching the baby horse that this thing will sting and it is something to stay away from.
The other horses stay away and do see it without trouble. The fence did a great job. Mother and baby are doing fine, the baby has no apparent injuries and definitely no wounds. Gordon D & Bethy W
Pocomoke City
Your product and service are excellent! Charles S.


Dear Mr. Lecacheur,
I am writing to follow up on my note last week and to express my extreme satisfaction with your products. They system was very easy to install and worked great. I kept looking for a problem with my order...I am still looking. I can not find ANYTHING wrong with either the order, or the products. From the detail of multiple sets of mounting hardware (zip ties, lag bolts, self tapping screws, etc) in the tensioner buckles, to the exact number of caps and posts (to make up 4' sections) I was continually surprised. I had expected that the T-Post guards would have only enough post caps to make up 5' sections and what a pleasant surprise that you have thought through and included enough to make up 4' sections. The system is excellent.
I am very impressed with the quality of the products and the simple way in which they install. I used the T-Post guards and they just wonderful. Much better than anything else I've seen or tried. I have enclosed some photographs of the fence as well as a photo where you can see a portion of the existing fence with white tape and T-posts. This system has many problems; the vinyl "safety" caps we purchased for the T-Posts are easily pulled off by the horses and while they are clever, they are still not sufficient to protect the horse. The yellow T-post snaps look lousy and stand out too much. They white tape is too "busy" and detracts from our landscape. The quality of the other brand of tape is terrible. All of these problems were not recognized until we got the HorseGuard system and T-Post guards. Your tape is much better by a large margin, the tensioner buckles are very clever and easy to use, and the professional look of the finished product is very pleasing.
Now you have created a problem with my wife! She insists that I replace ALL temporary fence with HorseGuard, and she wants it done immediately. Thanks! (lol)
Please add my name to the list of highly satisfied customers and use me for a reference any time. Please direct any references to our "barn" email address of "".
As soon as I figure out exactly what I need, I'll be back to order all the supplies for the retrofit to bring my existing fences up to the high quality of HorseGuard. Keep up the great work, great quality, and great innovation! I wish you the best success with your products and business. If you become publicly traded, please let me know as I will buy stock in your company with confidence.
Cordially yours,
Rob English


We purchased several acres of your fencing in 2000, and need to refence some additional acreage. I held off to be sure that the Horseguard would stand up to our Lake Michigan winds. (The arena did not-our last wind storm had 75 mph gusts+) I need to replace some insulators that the snow took down, as well as a small line of fence pulled down by a galloping gelding. I was pleased that it simply broke at the insulators and he ended up with a set of three small friction burns where his chest and legs contacted the fence but was otherwise unharmed. A nearly 17 hand TB gelding at a full gallop on wet mud could have been much much worse. Thanks again for a great product. I was pleased to see how quickly the spring maintenance on the larger pastures was last year, and this year it looks like a can do it all myself in a few hours. Much better than the thousands of board feet of fencing that needs painted AGAIN this year. Beth K


We love your product and just have to have more!! Competitor s products just don t match up to HorseGuard, so when we decided to fence around a new pasture area, HorseGuard was an easy choice! Darin & Julie S
Congratulations on the new 36V. Great improvement!!!! We had a barn fire about a month ago (no animals lost, thankfully and no one got hurt). I did have to fence an additional 17 acres and Horseguard was the choice. I had fenced about 5 acres as a test and you guys passed with flying colors. Price for performance and EXCELLENT customer service! I've got some pictures of the aftermath of the fire, which shows the steel side of the barn laying on melted Horseguard fence and being held up by the stainless steel strands. What a testimonial to your design. Had this been a field fire (we have had several in the area due to dry conditions), the horses would still have been contained. Two end adjusters (36V) were completely melted to the post; however, the connectors did not let go. Several insulators were also melted without the fence breaking loose. As you might guess, all replacement fencing will be Horseguard.
Thanks and keep up the good work. The new fencer looks pretty good too. Al B
My HorseGuard fence has been up for about 10 months now, here in good old Minnesota. It has held up very well, despite the wind, and several major ice storms. The gentlemen who helped me to install it, is a long-time farmer himself, and he was a bit skeptical when I explained to him that I wanted to install all this HorseGuard fencing! He stopped by this Spring, and was VERY impressed by how well it has held up. He said he has seen lots of tape fencing that is pretty much shot after this past winter. My horses respect the fence, and I know they are safe. THANK YOU!!! Sincerely, Kit M.


Fair Grove
We are already using your products on part of our fields and are converting the rest to all Horse-Guard. James N.
My wife and I purchased HorseGuard fencing for our two acre pasture. We have a gelding, mare, and colt and live in Missouri. We have had horses for 45 years, some of show quality but mostly pleasure. HorseGuard is a far superior fence, in terms of concept, safety, and design to any containment system we have experienced. The fence is truly excellent. Your service department was helpful when we discovered the day we were to start fencing, several corner tensioners missing. We called the warehouse and were promptly sent the tensioners without question- orvernight. We remained on schedule .We have recommended Horseguard to everyone interested in our "interesting fence". Horseguard has also given us a better understanding of and appreciation for the absolute necessity of safety for our animals. Horseguard is unparallel in safety.
We are completely satisfied. Jean D


Thank you for making such a wonderful fence --my vet was out the other day and was very impressed (this coming from a post and rail lover). Everyone who sees it thinks it is very ingenious; they love the s.s. parts and really like how aesthetic it looks in our natural landscape--I say leave it to the French! I love it for these reasons as well, but appreciate it even more because installed it myself with no need for a strong-armed man! Thanks again. Cybele G


I installed your product two years ago and am ordering more for some cross fencing. My horses respect it completely. I am currently weaning a foal that is only separated from mom by a single strand in adjoining pastures - over three weeks and he hasn't challenged it yet! Lester S.


Egg Harbor
I have been using this product for a year and love it . I had a pony roll next to the fence and catch his hind legs in it. He was squealing when the charger went on but when we got him out there was no cuts just some rubbed hair. Edith D.
Being told we had to leave the farm we rented by our new landlords, we worried we may have to give up our horses or face the possibility of boarding them at heavy cost. We found a small farm we could afford, but it took every asset we had to close the deal, and this farm had no fence at all. Calling around for prices, I had quotes of up to $13,000 for the area I needed enclosed. With Horseguard Fence, I installed the fence myself for just over $1000.00!! Now that's a savings I can live with!!
The fence is strong and looks wonderful, and believes me, the horses respect it. Our neighbors have taken all of the extra flyers you sent me! We cannot thank you folks enough. Scott and Pam S


Clifton Springs
My 2y/o paint halter filly just got tangled in electric fence wire and completely severed her extensor tendon in her rt. hind leg- will be 6mos to 1 yr before she will be useable. I have fence tape on part of the pasture - wish I had completed it last year. Thanks for the website - makes ordering easy and less expensive than buying it locally. Barb J
Pine Bush
Your fence is so fantastic and easy to assemble that we are expanding our pasture! Lisa S.


I now have been using Horseguard fencing for a couple of years now, and I'll vouch that it is the best I have seen and used I originally started using one of your competitor's fencing with a so called "lifetime warranty." Their Tensioners went through several design changes over a period of a year or two. The problem was that with each design change, the Tensioners got weaker. Approximately 50% of the Tensioners have failed. As each one fails, it gets replaced with you 36V Tensioners. Since then, I have used Horseguard fencing for all new fencing I have added. I have seen one design change on your Tensioners. It went from great to awesome! It was obvious that the change was to improve the product, not to reduce the cost to manufacture it. To date, I have not had a single component of HorseGuard fencing fail and do not see why any would fail. FOR THOSE CONSIDERING WHICH FENCING TAPE MANUFACTURE TO USE, CALL AND ORDER A SAMPLE AND YOU SEE THE DIFFERENCE. The tape is much more heavy duty, but cost less. The Tensioners, insulators, etc are all better than the others.
Thanks for providing such a well engineered and designed product.
Scott F
We love our Horseguard fence.
My neighbor has even put up the same fence to match ours. I also referred another horsy friend and they have put up fence and a round pen. We really love the product. Thanks, Terri S.


We absolutely love our Horse Guard Fence!! It is our first electric fencing system and are completely satisfied!! We fenced a 2-acre pasture this year and will be doing more fencing with HorseGuard Fence next spring. The aesthetic appearance is beautiful and it certainly does its job!! 2 of our horses had never been exposed to an electric fence system, and it took only 2 hits for both of them!! They now have the utmost respect for the fence and we feel completely safe! We are expecting for first foal next spring and are anxious to see how quickly the foal learns about the fence and hopefully will not have any accidents! We are completely satisfied customers and will no doubt be ordering more fencing supplies in the very near future!
I would highly recommend - and have been recommending - your fence system to all our equine friends! Jan & David W
Your delivery was every thing I expected. The quality is as good as you say.
I've had a lot of things interrupt and as a result the installation is not yet complete.
I will soon be ordering some additional products. I will visit the web site and look at your new charger. Thanks for all your professionalism. Larry L
Tonight our new 4-month-old Friesian colt hit this fence full force. Yes, it broke, and even broke a few pieces of the hardware, but the colt hasn't a serious mark anywhere! I shudder at the thought of what our old high tensile wire would of done to him! Thank goodness for Horseguard! I could have very easily been spending a lot of my emotion, time and money trying to repair a very injured colt tonight versus sitting here at my computer and just ordering replacement parts. Love your horses like I do mine? Then SERIOUSLY consider Horseguard fencing.
Trust me, I'm sure glad I did! Ron & Constance G
Hi, I wanted to let you know how much we have enjoyed the peace of mind with the new fencing, installed almost 1 year ago. It has withstood snow, sleet, ice, and extremely windy conditions here in Ohio this year. We have 6horses, including a stallion, a foal, weanling, yearling, and a pony, LOL he is an escape artist. We also have 3 broodmares. We have also constructed a round pen, which to our amazement, has worked better than we envisioned .We thought the horses would be too intimidated to work but not true. They work wonderfully with it on or off. They just don't "run into" the fence, or try to escape the work anymore. It has broadened their education, so to speak, by alleviating an escape route, they seem to be more at ease, which really shocked us! Thank you for an extremely well made, affordable product. David & Sandy C
I had tried polytape I had bought at a local store. I thought it was pretty good until I tried your product. Horseguard Polytape compares to no other. Goes up much easier and doesn't sag. I love it. My horses can see it and don't even try to challenge it even when my Alpha horse tries to stir things up. I have all white post and 3 rows of tape. It looks great. Even my neighbors were surprised how nice it looks. As soon as my fencing is finished, I plan to build a round pen.
The savings are great also. Horseguard Polytape beats white plastic hands down, and looks just as good. Thanks for a great product. Beth W .


Just to let you know again how great your fencing is.. Last evening 8 of our horses were standing near the stallion pen made of the white tape. All were spooked horribly. ALL 8 went thru the fence. All eight at the same figure about 6000 pounds of horses all at one time hitting into three strands of the fencing. They tore down the 3 strands tape fence on an entire 100 ft section, tore out two cemented 6" wooden posts and bent 10 pvc covered t-posts. ....the horses were NOT injured. The wood corner posts will have to be replaced. . One was snapped off at the ground. The fence tape was NOT broken!! I will need to splice a small section that "frayed" some of the length on one part of the tape. The fence was able to be repaired temporarily (it was pouring down rain)...Within about 45 min. I hate to imagine what injuries would have occurred had that stallion pen been made of wire. Also of note is the fact the tape was laying on the ground for about 5 min after this occurredmy stallion could have easily walked out of his pen. He also was "spooked" and scared half to death. He made no attempt to even go near the area...and two of our mares were "HOT" in heat.
The horses are all fine.
I thank you again for making such a great fencing product. It has more than paid for itself, especially after the incident last evening. Gayla B


Yesterday we started to install our new Horseguard fencing. It's really great, we love it. We strung up about 300-feet of 2-strands. Haven't gotten into the electric part yet but our horses know about electric tape and they are already respecting the fence. Last night it snowed 6 inches. We had snow build-up on some temporary electric rope we have been using, which made the rope sag a bit, but no snow build-up on our new tape! Our fence installation is progressing wonderfully. We love your fencing. It looks great and it is very easy to put together once you are familiar with it. You did a great job designing all the parts. When we are done we will send you photos. We have had to be very creative in our installation!
Merci Beaucoup !!! Leslie C
We bought fencing from you in 10/2000 and we love it.
We made 6 paddocks, a round pen and an outdoor arena.!!!! Leslie & Ben C


Very impressed with this - we have been looking for a round pen that would be portable - without the extreme expense of a steel round pen or the labor involved with putting up a wooden paddock/round pen. Colleen C
Warriors Mark
We LIKE your product...........good quality, and affordable. Like it so much, we re now building a second pasture in HorseGuard! Alice K.
I was looking at different types of fencing on the internet for my first horse when I came across your website. I am so happy to have found your product! After receiving your samples, and reading through the manual and testimonials, I knew that Horseguard was the ONLY way to go. I received my order in 2 days. Wow! The features that I like about your fence tape are the open weave design and the green tape blends in beautifully with the grass. It is hardly noticeable, but my horse can still see it. I also like the fact that I can move my charger around to different pastures when I move my horse. Also, I put most of the fencing up myself after my husband pound in the posts. Thank you for a wonderful product! I have gotten MANY compliments, but I am even happier because I feel that my "Baby" is safe. I will definitely be back for more next Spring! Kristyn Snyder-


Hello, I purchased my first Horseguard fencing in 2000 and I am a satisfied, repeat customer of yours. I will evenually replace all fencing on my farm with your fencing. I also have had a Horse Guard Fence banner on my web site for several months already because I have never used any fencing that even comes close to the quality and safety of Horse Guard and I would not hesitate to recommend it. In addition, my orders have been complete and have been shipped when stated. It has been a pleasure to do business with you. Sandra Kaiser
San Marcos
Dear HorseGuardFence, I have bought from you folks before and am very happy with your products. So here I go again! Linda M


Horse Guard Fencing is great! I am very happy with my fence even 8 months later. Delivery was very quick. It was easy to install. It stands up to the wind and obnoxious horses. I've even started using it with my sheep. Dogs don't try to go through this fence so I know my lambs are safe. Kim H
Thanks for sending out my previous order so quickly! You are the best!!!! Dyhn F
I have ordered several times from your company... and every time I get the best service!! I can't say enough about the product either.....I would never think of using anything but Horse Guard with my they are my kids... Thanks once again!!! Dyhn F.
We have used your product for over a year now... since we bought some new property... naturally we are using HorseGuard for our new pasture. I wouldn't' t use anything else!!! Thanks for such a great product!!!!!
I have used several different types of electric fence wires and tapes over the years. None seemed substantial enough to hold up to the weather, wildlife, or our horses
I have been using your fence system for 2 years for various horses that we have had. Not one has ever had a problem recognizing the tape as a solid barrier. The width stands out beautifully and even the deer don't hit the fence anymore. I feel that your tape is the highest quality tape made today. I love to show off my fence and will be adding more to our new farm once we are settled in. Lori H


Your fences have really been thru the wind tests here in central Washington, as we have had a very windy year, up to 40+mph and staying there for hours. The fences have held up beautifully. I have not yet had them tested with any appreciable snow but I will let you know how it goes.
If you want to see some photos of your fencing in action, take a look at my web page. You are welcome to use my name and location as an endorsement if you wish. Thank you. Mary M
I received the test kit two days ago. I installed the kit within two hours. It is great looking. Hence I am ordering additional fencing to begin refencing the paddocks and eventually the entire farm. I have used a number of other fencing styles and products, but find yours superior. Thank you for a great product. Ed. M
Port Orchard
Great fence system. I was concerned about its ability to keep mares in heat and a stallion apart. Works great, I no longer have a concern. It would be nice if I could order a 36v for wood posts only, and not have a lot of extra hardware I don t use. Thanks. Samuel B
Please also send us another copy of your wonderful HorseGuard Fencing Manual for 2001. Thanks for the great product and service. We just installed our first HorseGuard Electric fencing this week, and it s terrific. We decided to re-do our Diet Paddocks using your product (hence the order here for additional products). Horses in the Diet Paddocks are constantly leaning over, bending and breaking wire and wood top rails and metal gates trying to get more chow on the other side of the fence. Bent metal, exposed nails, a constant safety factor battle and cost. We re completely re-doing those paddocks, taking down all the non-climb and top rails, and going with HorseGuard Electric tape. Thanks for making our lives less stressful, and our horses SAFER. Deni & Bob N.
This is a supplemental order. I have used up all of the supplies I ordered last spring. We love the fence. The green color blends with the green of the bushes and trees. Thank you for a really great fence product. Jim M
Comments: We love the fencing.
This order is to extend what we have. The horses have never gotten out except for my son leaving the gate open! We have used the fence for about 3 months now and neither horse has a mark on him. It is absolutely safe and looks great. Several of our friends have remarked on how great it looks (affordable too). Thanks Horseguard. Lorna W
Walla Walla
I love my Horseguard fencing. It not only does it s job of keeping everyone in their places it also keeps the place looking GREAT!!


Blue River
I foolishly gave away the informational literature you enclosed with our order. Yours is the best electrical tape fence out there and your service is also the best, and I only want to buy more from you, not the other companies. I was going to look through all my back-issues of horse magazines to see if I could find your ads. Instead I am so grateful to discover our computer has this feature where it automatically ads addresses to our address book in e-mail! So I am now contacting you this way.
Just thought I would take a minute to let you know we received our fencing. Actually it came sooner than we expected so that was wonderful. We now have the fencing up. It was very easy to install and looks wonderful. When we first talked about your fencing to our neighbors they thought we were spending too much for fencing and suggested we order it out of a catalogue or get it at fleet farm and said it was the same type of fence. I told them that I had your samples and compared it to others that "look alike" but that your product was superior to the others. The others were all very flimsy and would not hold up to our Wisconsin weathers. Now all of our neighbors have seen our fencing and really like it and can definitely see the difference.
Thank you for your wonderful product and great service. Margie B
Fort Atkinson
I just love your HorseGuard fencing. I find it so easy to use and maintain. Kathy P
Iron Ridge
Just wanted to let you know how pleased my wife and I are with your product. We placed the order over the net and received the product in just a few days. Everything was very easy to install and your fencing guide was a great help . The two of us installed a three-strand fence, using wood post covering 3+ acres in one weekend. We used metal t-post with your brown t-post covers to divide the field. I was very happy with the t-post covers construction and wood grain texture.
We used the brown tape and it looks just wonderful and the horses really respect it! You can bet that we will be installing more very soon. Paul S
La Crosse
Your fencing product is easy to put up and really looks nice - made our pastures look like those in Kentucky! Kay W.
Stevens Point
Last year I tried HorseGuard for the first time. I had experienced other fences (wood, high tensile, electric wire, barb) at places I had boarded at. After much research, I selected HorseGuard for new fencing at home. My primary considerations were safety, ease of installation and low maintenance, as well as appearance (my home is in a subdivision, houses 200-300 feet from the fence line). I closely inspected competing web fences, but they appeared weaker and did not have the history behind them that HorseGuard does. I am pleased to say that this product has met all of my criteria, and in addition is very cost effective in comparison to most other fencing types available. Thank you for such a good alternative! Sheryle T.
The request
Please send ASAP! We just had part of a fence destroyed and need to get it up again ASAP!!!! Thank you!!!
The service
Thank you so much for getting that to me so fast!!!! I really appreciate that. It is so warm right now and I'm sure it will not last. Now I can get our fence back up right away!!!!
Thanks Again!! Lisa W
We need to order more of the insulators for the electric tape. (We had more tape than insulators left over from our first order.) Ever since we put your fence up, our horses have not escaped once. Not once. With single strand electric wire, even flagged every six feet with neon pink plastic flagging tape, they used to get out at least once or twice a year. We also have had to do ZERO maintenance on it. Zero! I haven't even had to tighten the lines due to sagging, which I thought I might have to do. We have it set up with two strands, attached to wood posts. I did unhook the bottom strand from the electric source, electrifying only the top strand now, because in summertime the weeds grow up as tall as the bottom. As long as one strand is "hot", the horses don't test it, and that way I don' t have to worry about mowing. Our herd has now expanded, so now our pasture is going to need to, that's the only reason I need more fencing from you. I'm not sure how long it's been but it's been at least a year or two and the fence you sold us is still working perfectly. And it sure looks a lot prettier than those pink flags, also.
Candy H.

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