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Frequently Asked Questions

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1 What are the average gap between the tapes?

2 Why is the tape half brown and half green and why are the connecting cables also brown and green?

It's to make sure the system doesn't short itself out. Green always goes with green and Brown always goes with brown. Green connecting cable hooks up to the green side of the tape and brown with brown. The colors insure that Bi-Polar Tape system is foolproof.

3 Is it hard to connect the connecting cables to the Bi-Polar Tape?

Not at all .You connect the green jumper cable from the charger to the fence first tensioner #BP32 then attach it to the next tensioner with bolts and nuts, and redoe the same procedure for the brown jumper cable.
Bi-Polar connectors for insulator #2BC8 can connect the fence on any insulators along the fence and even more you can use these insulator connectors to charge another paddock

4 How many connecting cables (#2BP59H and #2BP59L) do you need for each strand of tape?

5 How many gate handles do you have?

We have 1 gate handle that carry the charge on the other side of the gate and ensure the continuity of the electric fence, you attach to them the length of the stretchy tape #BPSTgr that you need for the size of your gate. It is called #BP13A for the tensioner #BP32 . It closes the circuit.

6 How to cross under the gate?

Run the 2 heavy duty insulated connecting cables through a buried garden hose or a pipe conduit then reset the connections and the Bi-Polar tape in the tensioners #9bl on the other side of the gate.

7 Can the Bi-Polar be a year-round fence?

Absolutely, whatever the conditions of the ground are, the horse will get zapped and learn to respect the fence.

8 Can you connect Bi-Polar fencing to a existing traditionally grounded Horseguard fence?

If the Bi-Polar tape is used as a traditional tape with traditional accessories yes you can, but to fully benefi t from Bi-Polar Fencing's advantages, why not use Bi-Polar equipment exclusively on one of your paddocks and hook the other ones up to a different charger. That way you'll be guaranteed that at least one of your paddocks will work perfectly no matter what the grounding conditions are...

9 Testing the Bi-Polar Fence

With the new digital voltmeter tester made for Horseguard it's easy to mesure the exact voltage running through the fence. (here the tape was frozen but still zapping!)

10 Will my horse get hurt when he hits the fence?

No the energizer puts out a pulse every second so there is time for the horse to fly away from the fence.

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