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Our Bi-polar weaving system might apply soon to all our fencing tapes.

When we started the Bi-Polar fence we did not know that we were going to
encounter so much need and enthusiasm and success!
More and more people think that it is a great idea!
More and more people regret that the Bi-Polar tape had not been invented
before they started buying Horseguard traditional.
More and more people are expecting great and new innovations from Horseguard.
Because now a lot of people increasingly combine the traditional tape and the bipolar
tape we are planning to start weaving all our tapes
the Bi-Polar way...
The colors and quality will will never change!
Brown, Green, White, Green/ Brown…
The Traditional tape and Bi-Polar will become interchangeable,
each able to be used in either way.
They both will carry the same characteristic: best quality and most versatility.
Because we love you, and value your opinion, dear great customers,
we really want your honest feedback about this possible change!

Please send your thoughts and comments either
to or to

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